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Repulsion amongst the mundane

amyeemae Oct 19, 2008
Finally managed to borrow Repulsion (1965) Dir.Roman Polanski. For my women in film project but also to look at for contexual study for the horror film analysis.

Catherine Deneuve as Carole looks beautiful but fragile in an almost childlike quality, The films subject matter is sexual represesion but i found i picked up only on her tortured frame of mine and descent into madness at first.sometimes I watch Polanski's films and feel i can relate to his mixed-up character, all the ones with mental problems and I wonder whether i shouldn't because i don't think anything is particually wrong with my state of mind! lol

Oh and another thing i picked up similar does Catherine look to Polanskis wife Sharon Tate?

I'm having to do a tonne of research on Roman Polanski so i better concentrate on that rather then blogging. which im sure no one reads by blogs anyway!haha

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

amyeemae Oct 14, 2008
Got some new m.a.c today ( yeah i dont care if you spell it MAC) so anyway im loving the cult of cherry look but dont think its gonna work for me because i have petite lips but nevermind!!

instead bought the fluidline eyeliner in Dipdown (thats the brown one on the right)

and pink swoon sheertone blush with is like a dolly pink

I adore leopard print underwear bought some new lingerie today its prettier than the one in the picture as it has a lace ribbon bow and red velvet edges :) i have lots of leopard print everything its such a big obsession of mine!

I've been listening to Robyn today

My fave i think is crash and burn girl, but cobrastyle is brill as is who's that girl, infact I just like them all. and these photos are good inspiration for my artwork.

I wore mega neon purple tights today and danced around with shells on my head in art.

"she was listening for the sea. and she also loved that thistle thing that also made a noise."

i used to be cool though!! lol

My best friend Becca has had her hair cut and its looks so pretty i wish i suited shorter hair!!

how did i get like this.

amyeemae Oct 13, 2008
not a happy bunny today, i stepped on the scales this morning and the result was ugly. i dont understand how my weight leaps significantly so quickly. i need to do something about it for in exactly 3 weeks time il be 18 and dont want to look a fat chuff for it.

my face looks really puffy and weird must be the weight ive put on :(

i did decide to dress abit kooky for collegio today. i wore a purple vintage scarf with all these tonnes of peacock type thing on it wrapped into a bandana and a corsage stuck on my nails are a glittery red with my queen of hearts bracelet, thta doesnt half gangle about.Anyways i walking to college when someone asked for a photo, i told him i was late but he started following me so i let him get a couple of photos to shut him up. now im wishing i hadnt cos he was a creep and i got mud all over my boots, but nevermind.

so i got to college late and did my fake 'flustered' act and everyone laughed at me, well not everyone but my friends which was not very nice as i couldnt decide whether it was the outfit they laughed at or how pink my cheeks had become :(.
so im pretty down on self confidence at the moment which i actually had quite abit of before i left the house, its funny how friends laughing at you really hurts.grr I'll have to get over it.

i really want another orange latte or just a big slice of chocolate cake and i really shouldnt for two reasons. a) I have a lactose intolerance i choose to ignore. b) no-one loses weight on a chocolate diet.

i really have a passion for glitter at the moment.

Somedays i wush i had pink hair again,now theres Audrey Kitching pink hair seems to be more mainstream,
don't get me wrong i think she is brill and imaginative with fashion and interesting with what she says.Nowadays i look like Hanna Beth but a fatter less attractive version!haha shes really pretty though.

i think these two do all the things id do with money if i had any lol.
Im thinking of dying my hair redder again, but i cant ever make up my mind!
i definately love the leopard print design of Audreys nails in this pic, i nearly painted mine leopard print last night but stuck with the glitter obsession.

my jewellery is laying about everywhere. In Venice i had a brilliant idea to buy a birdcage and fill it with all my jewellery

would probably need a few more than one though at this rate. ive actually got a pendant of a huge chicken so it would fit right in lol.
and i so want this mirror to go with my black chandellier

infact im really wanting to redecorate my bedroom now, just worried my mum wont be too impressed lol i fancy a turquoise and antique gold colour scheme rather than black. red and cream.

infact i want like an arabian nights colour scheme with a million different colours!!

id want silk cushions everywhere and hookahs and candles.

My home town

amyeemae Oct 12, 2008

This is where I live. isnt it beautiful?
i cant wait for the lights to come back on again, i love winter so much, the fashion is better, the food is better the atmosphere is better, i love toffee apples and fairy lights :)

on a completely different note i feel weird today. i feel self concious and fat, i feel ugly and i dont feel myself, something needs to be done. i need a make-over lol. my answer to every problem!

Soft skin, red lips, so kissable..

amyeemae Oct 12, 2008
Im abit bored today, went to pizza hut earlier, ate far too much and feel sick.i literally slapt with my head out the window last night to avoid a mega hangover, i needed to be refridgerated lol.

im devising a list of things i would gladly welcome as birthday pressies :) after all im only 18 once! haha

1.coco chanel eau du parfum

2. Lots of MAC make-up

3. Cocktail rings

4.Vintage fur coat


3 weeks tomorrow until im finally 18!

Milkshake brings all the girls to cow

amyeemae Oct 12, 2008
Ive found my new wonder shop!


theres always been an array of vintage shops in sheffield. But to be honest Freshmans (below) was crap for anything other
then accessories.Then there were some other boutiques such as Alice takes a trip, with alot or re-worked vintage.they are amazing but unfortunately ive only ever bought a belt from them! oh and Bang Bang vintage is nice, they were selling cupcakes yesterday but i really needed to avoid the calories however pretty they looked.

above is alice takes a trip..they do nipple tassles and the works and often do fashion shoots (which i have accidentally interupted before)

Sheffield lasses in pro dresses and supping strongbow=classy! lol

oh and theres this underwear boutique i really love called Pandoras Box on Ecclesall Road, it has all sort of stocking and chaise longes to sit on with huge pictures of Dita Von Teese and velvet curtains, silk walls,chandelliers and feather boas! its like a burlesque dream! i could post pictures of my underwear i bought but its kinda tiny red thong with black pom poms and a frill on.
Theres GASH as well, in which Urban Decay also has a lip gloss of the same name that i wear...

i like the idea you can customise your silk knickers with diamante or embroidery. plus they run sex workshops, having not been to one i couldnt tell you what they are like! sorry!

oh yes and you cant beat vintage fashion fairs, thats where all the bargains are- i got two pairs of antigue mother of pearl rosary beads for free last time and some vintage Christian Dior sunglasses for £3!!oh and a gorgeous enamel necklace and a magenta shirt dress.

Anyway back to COW!.....
it is beyond amazing,its so big and being a bright yellow shop sure does make it stand out.
the decor inside is brill too even the ceiling is tiled in different colours and the changing rooms are funky lined in retro wallpaper.
and yes the clothes are amazing, best quality vintage ive come across in a long long time.

well the bags actually from River Island but the rest are from cow :)

went for a costa coffee afterwards i had a italian pancetta or something similar its like a toasted light bread, but chocolate they one i had, and i had a frescato with mango and passionfruit rather than coffee because it got so hot walking roung town, even though a had my black angora Kate Moss jumper dress on over opaque tights with my fave fringed boots :P

then down to good old primark for a quick shoe fix, the ones i bought are black military style ankle boots with two straps across, a small 3inch heel and gold buttons, they look so similar to the River Island ones but for £12 rather then about £90 in RI. gotta love bargains!!

i need more money cos i love cow so much!

I'm a metal doll

amyeemae Oct 11, 2008
i joined Metal Dolls UK a few months ago i think it was... and put up some old pictures for the modelling bit, the idea was that i was gonna have some shoots planned but i never did :(
anyway thought id post the silly pictures

yeah so they aren't all that good, problem is im abit annoyed by how the site claims to represent metal as a genre and the girls are supposed to be die-hard metal fans, but its so obvious alot of them dont know sod all about metal.

its become more of a exhibitioning theirselves in underwear or kissing other girls type poses.still i appreciate the girls that do take it seriously but some are just using it too boost their popularity.

i rant too much im gonna go get ready now, visiting the new vintage shop on west street called 'cow'

Just dance!

amyeemae Oct 11, 2008
i have been dancing like a crazy lady recently, my hips havent had a rest! haha
i know im normally a metal doll but me and libs are addicted to the new lady GAGA song just dance, its been on her ipod repeatedly in the car :)

of course Disturbia still holds a place in our hearts !!haha
and im still listening to Katy Perry and Pussycat dolls! i know whats got into me? dont worry too much i still listen to lamb of god everyday...

well anyway the rest of the week after monday has been pretty uneventful. me and mckenna went to town on thurday after english... chris with his toggles said i have a very suave walk...haha.urm me anna and the cheese harassed tony and rob all friday afternoon whilst munching club cocoa,
then finally friday night we trapsed up -or down, to the plough in Bradfield at the end of my dads road for Declans 18th.
i wore my polka dot vintage playsuit over a lace camisole and whit waist belt with gold buckle oh and my rosary beads and fringed studded suede boots and opaque tights.
i wore alot of vintage that night!
oh and i cut my hair thursday, i really couldnt be bothered to save up for the hairdressers so i did it myself and it looks great actually, id been watching haur cutting tutorials on youtube first though to get it right!

My hair is flat can we take another one?

amyeemae Oct 07, 2008
Last night we all went down town to celebrate olivias 18th.
i wore a skirt made by Rachaels designer friend Alex and his shop "Each to their own".
if i can get a picture of me in it looking ok il post lol.its like a discheveled waistcoat with lots of fold and shapes in it.
(Found a pic now 12/10/08/)

and of course my fave irregular choice shoes intil i couldnt move later on from dancing too much in them lol.

Started the night gettin soaked waiting for the only apprarent mini-bank in Sheffield that actually works.
then headed to Cavendish

drinks were cheap which was a plus

and then the gorgeous Bia hoi , buddha bar.

of which i could only find this tiny picture because i forgot to take my camera and get my own!it looks like a mixture between a buddhist temple and a brothel inside with red filigree lanterns and huge buddha statues and dark wood surfaces, we actually grabbed the sofa by the fire so that was cosy.Was gonna get a cocktail but ended up with my usual Malibu and lemonade.

then got a taxi to Leadmill :)

it was shag night.spent a lifetime dancing, then another lifetime waiting at the bar fot the dumbest bar staff ever- bought 12 or so drinks which should have been about 25quid and she charged me only 6.10 so i actually same home with more money then i went with even though id spent all mine on drinks lol.
actually did abit of big fish lil fish cardboard box on the dancefloor lol, and shook my hips to Shakira.dancing with a lollypop and a drink requires skill :p
Olivia was pissed which was cute and funny at the same time. cant believe Poppy was giving that southerner a lesson in manners lol.
All photos people took i look like shit on, my face is ghostly white and i look way ugly- mind you i blame that partly on gettin soaked earlier.

Jordan caried me down my road cos my feet were in so much pain, then i collapsed in bed with a full face of slap and my UV bracelet and wristband on.

oh the joys. mint night.

Here's Johnny!!

amyeemae Oct 05, 2008

I actually watched Kubrick's 'The Shining' all the way through today!haha
i wish it had more disturbing images of the girls above, they were the freakiest bit!
still i cant deny i am aStanley Kubrick fan- eyes wide shut still facinates me :)

i went to the SHU open day today for the contempory media art lecture.mmmm cant wait to start it now, especially with the internatinal exchange in the second year!
ohhh guess who i saw today going into starbucks near the winter gardens?

yes thats correct! Jimmy Carr, at first my mum said "ooh doesnt he rlook the double of Jimmy Carr" and now we are pretty sure it was, although what he was doing in Sheffield is yet to be determined lol. still i adore 8 out of ten cats :)

its Olivia's birthday tomorrow im nervous but way excited :) and then nervous again, infact my belly aches thinking bout it.

you're the boss applesauce!

amyeemae Oct 04, 2008

I can't believe its actually taken me sooo long to get round to buying and watching this film.
I remember first hearing about Edie Sedwick four or so years ago so il have been about urmmm 13/14. i had this newspaper article about her pinned to my wall for years, it mesmorised me how traumatic her life has been, but how beautiful.
Warhol aswel is one of my favourite artists and i love collecting images and coffee table books about him.

anyway having finally bought it and watched it...Wow.
at first i was sceptical because in general I dont really like Sienna Miller as an actress but i totally take that all back!

Not only was it such an stunning biopic but the character representation was spot on.
AND i am absolutely in love with the fashion! thinking of doing my make-up Edie style for Olivias birthday when we go to Leadmill, and i have to get some massive earrings even if it mean taking my flesh tunnels out :'(

This film inspires me in so many ways, just not to fit in,not to listen,be yourself.
but not too be too trusting or youre whole world can get dragged down around you.

Can't keep my hands out the cookie jar

amyeemae Oct 04, 2008
I did mean to write this yesterday, but nevermind. I am absolutley exhausted! my hands are like little blocks of ice and i have yesterdays make-up smeared all over my face lol.

last night was fun, in a stay at home kinda way.After watching various videos of Charles Manson dancing on youtube (really I was supposed to be researching Roman Polanski but I got distracted) I went to see my boyfriend at the 'amazing' Cash Con-vert-eeers! (yes you have to sing that)I decided in typical amyee fashion to lie down on the middle of the shop floor and discovered it would look a whole lot cooler if it was permanantly upside down.People dont even notice when I do things like this, they know im a loon and thats how they like me, like when I thought I had to pick food out of matts teeth with some keys but I realised they meant lock the door. I truely am their best window shopper.

Anyways Gizmotron has been to the vets, poor mogwai, not sure whats wrong with him yet :(
Oh and we had chinese and rose wine :) yum, until later that is when id had enough lemon chicken to last a life time

oh by the way i really hope these links work in this, ive not blogged on here before

oh and then watched some x factor re-runs.Im glad cheryls got s the girls category, i think its the best one ths year with the exception of that spanish women.the groups look really pants, glad im not louis, well actually yeah glad anyway lol.
family guy makes me laugh so much lol, i love stewie!!

thats the one i watched last night- looks gross but it was funny

...and this reminds me of Matt.

anyway off to watch factory girl will blog bout it later!

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